During the January 2020, the 4th roudn of competitive dialogue took place on the MoT

Each bidder has one and half day for discussion. 13th of January – 14th of January - DIVia (Vinci+Eurovia); 20th of January – 21st of January - Via4 (Porr+OHL+EGIS); 23rd of January - 24th of January – HOST (Hochtief+Strabag).

Representatives of MoT and State fund for Transport Infrastructure together with their Advisors discussed with the participants their comments on the draft call for proposals and the necessary adjustments to the semi-final text of the Concession Agreement and its annexes, as well as the participants had the opportunity to comment on all other accompanying documents relevant to the tender procedure. In view of the content of the previous discussions and the progress made, this round of competitive dialogue can be considered as the last one, with the formal completion of the competitive dialogue phase by sending a call for tenders. The call for proposals should be sent to the bidders by the end of February 2020, respectively in the first week of March. Subsequently, the participants will have the space to finalize the upcoming bids by the end of May 2020.