The second round of competitive dialogue took place
During the 14th, 18th and 19th of June the second round of the competitive dialogue took place on Ministry of Transport. Each day was allocated for one bidder.
The first round of the competitive dialogue took place
On 2nd and 3rd of April 2019, the first round of competitive dialogue was held at the Ministry of Transport within the tender procedure for the selection of a concessionaire for the PPP D4 project.
About project

The Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic has begun to prepare a tender for a concession for the construction and operation of the D4 Motorway using a PPP model. The project consists of the construction of approx. 32 km of new motorway – specified as the Greenfield part (DBFOM model), and the operation and maintenance of approx. 16 km of motorway specified as the Brownfield part (O&M only). The scope of the project remains similar as described in the publicly available Feasibility and Viability Study of R4 Project Implementation Using PPP as Compared to Traditional Public Tenders, which was drawn up in 2015.

Section 1 - Skalka – Háje
Section 2 - Háje – Milín
Section 3 - Milín – Lety
Section 4 - Lety – Čimelice
Section 5 - Čimelice – Mirotice
Section 6 - Mirotice, extension
Section 7 - Mirotice – Třebkov
Section 8 - Třebkov – Nová Hospoda
Section 9 - Nová Hospoda – Krašovice