The second round of competitive dialogue took place

During the 14th, 18th and 19th of June the second round of the competitive dialogue took place on Ministry of Transport. Each day was allocated for one bidder.

Content of the second round was considered on the technical and financial themes. During the dialog, the below mentioned themes has been discussed: 1.) Minimum technical requirements; 2.) Early works agreement; 3.) Handback requirements and the possibility to use its parameters as the qualitative criterion while evaluating the bids; 4.) Maintenance requirements on brownfield sections during the construction of greenfield sections; 5.) Changes in the payment mechanism based on the first feedback of Eurostat; 6.) Possibilities to grant the building permits in line with the time schedule of the tender; 7.) Quality of the diagnostics / surveys of the brownfield sections obtained by the grantor; 8.) Independent engineer agreement. During the separate section, the financial themes has been discussed. Main focus was considered on the possibility for combination of CZK and EUR and its consequences for the tendering procedure.


During the summer 2019, the preparation for the 3rd round of the dialogue will be considered. The 3rd round is planned to take place at the last September week. MoT is still planning four rounds of the competitive dialogue, the 4th round is planned to the end of November. Then the call for the bids is planned to be issued in January 2020.